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Matej Grožaj
Personal coach
Z-Health Practitioner


Swimmming training is aimed at acquiring:

  • breathing techniques

  • overcoming fear of water

  • managing conditions after inhaling water

  • floating without sinking

  • movement and breathing under water

  • crawl, backstroke and breaststroke kick techniques

  • techniques of movement of crawl, backstroke and breaststroke arms

​Trainings are always adapted to individual needs and client's possibilities.​

Swimming training is aimed at improving the technique of swimming methods, specificallto improve: 

  • position of the swimmer's body

  • mobility

  • arm techniques

  • kick techniques

  • combinations of breathing techniques

  • more technically demanding movements

  • fitness and endurance

  • if necessary, for rehabilitation and compensation of the load from other sports activities

Success lies in Your hands and Your determination:

  • learn to understand, control and use your own emotions

  • to have the courage to reach the edge and overcome it

  • to have patience in developing awareness of one's own body

  • develop your own imagination


Training location 

  • interior - Petržalka Swimming Pool

  • exterior - open water lake Draždiak, Petržalka

  • swimming camps - in case of interest, more information on request

  Possible change of location possible.

Trainings can be conducted in Slovak, English, German.

​​Price list

  • Training price: 35 EUR / individual training

  • The price of training in pairs is 40 EUR

        (the same performance level of swimmers is a prerequisite)

   The client pays for the entrance to the pool himself.



​Cancellation of training at the latest 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. 

In case of cancellation of training shorter than 1 day training is charged in full.

Training videos:




youtube_klienti video.JPG
youtube_klienti video.JPG
youtube_klienti video.JPG
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