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Matej Grožaj
Personal coach
Z-Health Practitioner

In my childhood, I was intensely involved in streetball and swimming. A key element was the inspiration I sought while watching the matches of technically advanced streetball players and watching swimmers at swimming competitions. I was fascinated by the ability of the human body to move on land and in water, as well as the complexity of movement with the ball. Unconsciously, I was building up an imagination of the movement, which allowed me to project the techniques I wanted to learn.

My journey to understanding the movement of the human body was later connected with the acquisition of techniques from other sports such as in-line skating, dances, martial arts and with the study of coaching at Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (Comenius University Bratislava).

Currently, I am enriching my training methods by completing specialized training in the field of coaching, physiotherapy and neuroanatomy (see EDUCATION). Thanks to the study of the philosophy of movement of the Eastern system, as well as to learning about the function of the human brain, I was able significantly move forward. 

By combining study and experimentation in practice, I build simple and effective training procedures for all categories of athletes.

An important part of my work is observation and the ability to search for a unique neuronal profile of a specific client - an athlete/woman, whose expression will be a manifestation of the grace, delicacy and ferocity of the movement of the human body.

I adjust the trainings according to individual needs, in such a way that they take into account the current physical condition and mental attitude of the client during training. I teach recognition and understanding of one's own body as well as imagination about the possibilities of its movement.

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