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Matej Grožaj
Personal coach
Z-Health Practitioner


Training with sticks represents a training concept that is a suitable exercise supplement for children, adults and athletes. It enables the brain and body to develop effectively regardless of age.

Training with sticks fully develops the left and right hemispheres and sensory systems, thanks to which it contributes to the stability of the neuronal network.

This stability creates conditions where we are able to concentrate, perceive our surroundings, think, observe and learn. The ability to calm your own mind is the key to achieving a state of meditation, rest, starting the healing process and a number of other important processes for the proper functioning of the human brain and individual behavior.

A sample from my training with a long and a short stick

Tréning s palicami - Swimmatt
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The training consists of two phases, the goal of which is to master a wide range of movement techniques with sticks.

First phase is aimed at acquiring:

  • Basic techniques for handling a short, long stick on the spot

  • One-handed technique with a short, long stick in place

  • Two-handed technique with a short, long stick in place


The second phase is focused on:

  • Improving the technique of handling a short and long stick in motion

  • Development of fitness and coordination

  • Development of mobility

  • Applying learned movement techniques with sticks to one's own specialization

  • Adapting the technique of movement with sticks to your own specialization

  • The use of the technique of movement with sticks for rehabilitation - compensatory purposes

  • Using the technique of movement with sticks to enrich your own warm-up

  • Improving one's own movement expression

  • Improvement of the technique of movement with sticks in conditions of disabling sensory systems

Tréning s palicami - Swimmatt

Sticks and martial arts


Training with a stick/sticks is a very effective training supplement for martial arts athletes. Various techniques of movement with a stick can also be used for training lever techniques, training with sabers and other aids. Athletes have the opportunity to improve their own techniques and are not dependent on a sparring partner.

Benefits of training with sticks for martial arts athletes:

  • Improvement of leverage techniques

  • Improving the movement of your own body with the movement of a stick and other training aids

  • Experimenting with the use of leverage techniques in various positions and positions

A sample from my training when practicing leverage techniques

Swimmatt bojové umenie pákové techniky.JPG
  • tréning pákových techník

Sticks and sabers

Training with sticks can also be used as preparation for training with sabers and other training aids that are used in martial arts training.

A sample from my saber training.

  • Tréning so šabľami
Tréning so šabľami - Swimmatt

Training with a ball

Training with a ball is similar to training.

A sample from my training with balls.

  • Tréning s loptičkami
Swimmatt Tréning s loptičkami.JPG

Children and sticks


Varied physical activity in childhood is very important for the proper development of their brain and body. By the term proper development, I mean engaging in such activities that allow children to use one-sided as well as two-sided involvement of the body in physical activity or other creative activities such as, for example, the painting.

Already in childhood, the natural dominance of one side of the body is manifested. As an example, I dare to mention drawing or dribbling training with only the right hand. Unilateral activity with the right hand contributes significantly to the development of the left part of the brain - the left hemisphere.

When drawing with the right hand, the brain uses the left hemisphere, which means that it is activated and further developed. The right part of the hemisphere is muted. For this reason, it is important to provide children with a variety of physical activity or other creative activities that enable the involvement of the left and right parts of the body separately as well as together. In this way, we will help children to develop properly and thus prevent the emergence of a strong predominance of one-sided dominance not only of the body, but also of the brain. This state of one-sided dominance can significantly affect, for example, the ability to understand the learning material or to adopt an effective technique of a certain movement activity.

Tréning s palicami deti
Tréning s palicami deti

Unilateral dominance and spine


In practice, unilateral dominance causes significant differences in muscle tension between the left and right parts of the body. This change has the effect that one side of the body, or its part (limb) is significantly stronger than the other. A change in body posture (posture), a change in the curvature of the spine, changes in mobility, changes in the curvature of the foot result in the development of pathological scoliosis.


Training with sticks is a suitable supplement for diversifying the physical activity of children as young as 5 years old. In childhood, it is enough for children to perform very simple techniques of movement with a stick. Thanks to the natural ability of observation and subsequent repetition, children learn many techniques in a natural way. In a playful way, children demonstrate different techniques to each other, while they also learn from each other. Thanks to the natural form of playing in a group, this very nice and healthy physical activity will become a natural part of their lives.


The simplicity of training with sticks lies in its minimal demands on the training environment, clothing, footwear, stick material and season.

Mandatory equipment:

  • 2x stick - short/long

  • 2x expander

  • 2x tennis ball

  • 1x basketball

(if interested, I will help with the procurement of sports equipment)


Price: 35 EUR / 1 training session



  • payment after training

  • registering the child for training no later than 24 hours in advance

Training location:

- for individual and group trainings on the outdoor field, Haanova Street, Bratislava Petržalka (next to the MBX runway,respectively near the CS Lewis gymnasium

ihrisko Haanova ul Bratislava
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