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Are you looking for a way to move more efficiently in water and on land, but you don't know how?

Start training with me and I'll teach you!

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What awaits you?

Individual approach, interesting and varied training adapted to your possibilities, new knowledge and challenges, lots of fun and pleasant memories. You can choose swimming training, inline skating or functional training, which includes strength, fitness and neurological components.

What do I expect from you?!

Desire to acquire new and unknown knowledge, openness to new ideas, interest in embarking on a new path of self-knowledge, willingness to work hard and get out of one's comfort zone, willingness to successfully deal with one's own - even negative - emotions, confidence in oneself and in your ability to withstand challenging moments.

What specific types of training will bring you?



Swimming will restore and strengthen your self-confidence, give you the ability to control your own emotions, the ability to overcome life-threatening situations. You will learn an effective swimming technique, which will allow you to look forward to the water and fully enjoy moving in it. You will gain strength and fitness. You will learn how to help yourself in difficult situations in the water environment and you will be able to advise other swimmers, or be able to save a drowning person.

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Functional training

Functional training will teach you to perceive and feel your own body. It will develop your imagination about the body in motion. You will master a varied composition of the exercise system, discover and at the same time eliminate your own weaknesses. You will learn to move and breathe freely, you will get rid of pain and movement restrictions, you will feel strong and fit, and last but not least, you will look good and your body will be in shape. I offer these trainings for adults as well ONLINE.

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Training with sticks

Training with sticks fully develops the left and right hemispheres and sensory systems, thanks to which it contributes to the stability of the neuronal network.

This stability creates the conditions for a person to be able to concentrate, perceive the surroundings, think, observe and learn. The ability to calm your own mind is the key to achieving a state of meditation, rest, starting the healing process and a number of other important processes for the proper functioning of the human brain and individual behavior. Training with sticks will help you in all of this.

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Inline skating

Inline skating will allow you to master various skating techniques. You will be able to deal with changing training conditions so that you are able to perform well in them. You will learn to face fear and be able to use it to your advantage. You will manage unexpected - health and life - threatening situations and you will gain the ability to realistically estimate your own possibilities and abilities. You will feel the speed, freedom and gracefulness of your own movements, you will enjoy detaching yourself from the ground. You can use the skating technique even in the winter months during skiing and cross-country skiing, and you will be physically prepared for the skiing in advance. Training will help you reduce body weight and strengthen your whole body.

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Profesionálny osobný tréner Matej Grožaj

Matej Grožaj
Personal trainer
Z-Health Practitioner

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