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Matej Grožaj
Personal coach
Z-Health Practitioner


Training videos:

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youtube_klienti video.JPG

This type of physical activity will allow athletes to master a wide range of varied movements, it will teach them to control their fear. Training in different weather (change in comfort) will teach them mental resilience.

Training is conducted individually and is adapted to the performance level of the individual - from complete beginners to moderately advanced hobby skaters.

Skating training is focused on mastering speed skating and downhill technique technique with poles.

1. Speed skating technique (with/ without poles)


The aim of the trainings is learn skating technique with and without running sticks.

2. Downhill technique (with/ without poles)


The aim of the trainings is:

  • learn to work with the center of gravity, tipping edges on skates, riding on one/both skates, in a slide on one/both skates, in a narrow/wide track

  • understand skating

  • understand centrifugal/centripetal force 

  • mastering the coordination of the upper limbs with poles

Mandatory equipment:

  • in-line skates – ideally fitness model (while good technical condition of the skates is a necessary pre-condition)

  • helmet

  • protectors (knees, elbows, wrists)

  • gloves

  • sunglasses

  • suitable sports clothes (ideally functional)

  • running poles

    (with the selection of equipment I can help if necessary)

Trainings can be conducted in Slovak, English, German.

​​Price list

  • Training price: 35 EUR / individual training

  • The price of training in pairs is 40 EUR

       (same performance level is a pre-condition)



​Cancellation of training at the latest 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. 

In case of cancellation of training shorter than1 day training is charged in full.

Training location - exterior:

  • more advanced - Petržalská side of the embankment in Bratislava

  • beginners - playground on Haanová street, Bratislava Petržalka (next to the MBX runway,respectively near the CS Lewis gymnasium)

ihrisko Haanova ul Petrzalka
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